Two Joker Melodies chosen for another spin in the wheel!

The votes have been cast, and we can now announce two winners!

The Joker Melody from Hammerfest performed by students from Silkeborg will travel halfway through the wheel from Wroclaw to its original home in Hammerfest: Wroclaw -> Cesis -> Bretagne -> Verdal -> Skanderborg -> Hammerfest

The Joker Melody from Umeå performed by students from Wroclaw will travel the other way around the wheel from Silkeborg to its original home in Umeå: Silkeborg -> Riga -> Aarhus -> Ås -> Umeå

All the cities working with RETHINK Folk Music will be re-arranging and interpreting the melodies again, and finally recording a version before sending it to the next city in the wheel.

We’re very excited to hear the results!


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