Expert Exchange Program

The Expert Exchange Program lets different local folk music experts travel to other partner cities to inspire and to shine a new light on the local traditions of the places they visit.

The list of experts presented below shows the range of expertise provided by partners of the RETHINK Folk Music project. The idea is inspired by visits by Scandinavian folk music students in Denmark in 2015.
The interested school or museum can choose freely from the list of experts, if they wish to spice up their events with a visit from another city or country.

The idea is to let the expert throw a workshop for up to 50 people, and let the expert perform an concert for a small audience at a museum, school or in a living room. The hosting institution will pay the travel expenses of the expert and a small fee. Different experts have different fees.

The Expert Exchange program gives our partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Finland and Poland the opportunity to meet each other in between our events.