Folk Group Kokle from Riga

This concert is only for participants.

Wednesday, 21:30 – Evening Stage


Children and youth folk group Kokle from Latvia.

Folk group Kokle has a long history taking back in 1980. During the years it has proved to be a dynamic group being able to find its own style and place in traditional music in Latvia. Participants of the group are young people interested not only in music in general but particularly in traditional singing and music making. The group and its leader Dina Liepa provide them opportunity to study authentic traditions and to use their creativity and knowledge of contemporary music to create world music. Each participant of the group plays at least one music instrument and sings.  The group regularly plays concerts in Latvia as well as takes part in festivals home and abroad (Belorussia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Norway).