Musical Chairs

The Musical Chairs side project is an interactive wooden installation that plays different layers of a local folk music tune from Aarhus.

When you sit down in one of the five seats of the installation, a certain part of a folk music loop is triggered. The closer you get to the seat, the louder the sound part is played. If all five seats are triggered, the installation will play the full score.
Musical Chairs is an interactive and fun way to get the local folk music out in the local communities. The installation will travel the libraries and schools in the region of Aarhus to let the population know about the RETHINK Folk Music project. For more information, please read this article from ROSAFOLK (in Danish).

How do you get The Musical Chairs to your local community?

  1. First write us an e-mail at for availability.
  2. The price for renting the installation is only 1000 DKR for one month.
  3. The price includes both rent and repairs should the installation not function.
  4. The renter pays for transportation of The Musical Chairs to the exhibition place.

We look forward to hearing from you!